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Production CNC Machining

As a supplier of German engineering, we ask ourselves to high standards
precision and reliability. Our strengths are in series medium components
with a twist.

CNC Turning
Feeder: a = <42 mm
Inserts: = <Ø 750 mm, with driven tools and C-axis

CNC Milling
Horizontal = 1050x1050 mm with shuttle table, 80 tools
Vertical: = <1500 kg mm desk load-bearing capacity 1500x800x708

CNC Grinding:
  = <150 mm


◦ cutting steels
◦ hardening steels, quenched and tempered steels
◦ stainless steels in various sorts
◦ aluminum and special alloys
◦ brass, bronze, copper
◦ Plastics e.g. POM (Delrin), PTFE (Teflon)



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